Minot Daily News: McCain vote revealed he has values

Letter originally appeared in the Minot Daily News.

Last week’s thumbs down EMOJI by John McCain drew gasps and groans from every corner of the US Senate. Instead of voting with the 17% of Americans supporting the bill McCain showed he actually has values. Voting for a terrible process just to fulfill a campaign promise is just wrong.

Health care is an American issue not a political issue and needs to be addressed so citizens can receive proper health care at a price they can afford. Republicans have not done anything for health care in decades as it is not a part of the money trail to their camps

In business, decision making processes are in place to come to the best conclusions. In politics the money drives the agenda and the public gets the shaft. I suggest we start with a vote on whether citizens have a moral right to health care. Tuning in to C-SPAN to hear publicly each legislator’s view would be very entertaining. If citizens do not have the moral right to health care then I suggest Senator Hoeven and Kevin Cramer search out for volunteers to post at hospitals to refuse treatment to those who cannot afford to pay for their care. Is this what you want?

Health care is very expensive and most people could not afford to pay for it without insurance. However, because of the industry itself and the insurance industry the cost of health care has gone out of sight. Add on top of this the criminals defrauding the system from all sides of the field. Maybe the answer is for insurance to leave the game and let the market price for care move to what the people utilizing it can afford. Instead of insurance pools paying tens of thousands, maybe the affordable charges would be in the hundreds. At some point citizens will take this into their own hands and just go to the emergency room to see if Senator Hoeven and Kevin Cramer allow them treatment. We could set up sorting pens there and name them the Hoeven/Cramer 17% sorting pens.

John McCain had the moral fortitude to give the thumbs down EMOJI. Lyndsey Graham stated he would just like to vote for a good bill. Lisa Murkowski stood up for her citizens who would be severely impacted by this disastrous plan. She and other Republican women were boxed out of the behind closed doors discussion on health care. Jeff Flake’s book states that he is very concerned about the President’s base when they are so ignorant they still believe he won the popular vote. How do you begin to reason with this misguided group of followers?

My consultation with Senator Hoeven and Kevin Cramer would include a statement that if they dropped all citizens from the insurance rolls who use health care they could reduce premiums even more than walking away from just 30 million Americans.

John McCain’s EMOJI will be fixed in infamy. It was so nice to see someone representing us who actually has values.