Letter: Rep. Cramer, do what's best for N.D.

To the editor,

A letter to U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D.: I am not sure what your experience is on what it cost the people of North Dakota for health insurance. My wife and I are retired, and we pay over $500 a month for health insurance, besides $122 each for Part 2 Medicare.

Yes, we have existing conditions, same as most, if not all, the retired people in North Dakota and other states.

I do not understand how you can support the GOP health insurance plan and still say you are a representative of the people of North Dakota, when you see how much it costs everyone to live and still stay in their own home—including car insurance, state, local and federal taxes, and food.

If you continue along this path of support of making the 1 percent richer, the retired people of this country will have to decide on eating or paying for health insurance. I don't know when or if you have purchased food lately. The prices keep going up. When gas was $4 a gallon, food prices went through the roof. They have never come down and have done nothing but go up.

I would think you remember Republican Sen. Mark Andrews. For the most part he was a good senator and represented the people of North Dakota well—until his last term, when he got so tied up with the people in D.C. and what they wanted, it cost him his seat in the Senate. Let this be a good lesson for all of you who are in your positions to do what is best for North Dakota citizens, not for the people in D.C.

As far as the tax plan, remember back when the D.C. groups supported the trickle-down tax plan? How well did that work? Save a small amount on our federal taxes and cost more for state and local taxes.

Ed Jacobson
Grand Forks

Letter originally appeared in the Grand Forks Herald.