Letter: If Cramer is against taxes, I'd like to hear where he's going to cut spending

The North Dakota chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a political group that is mostly funded by David and Charles Koch, held a summit at Avalon Events Center. Rep. Kevin Cramer was asked his thoughts about taxes. He said, "I'm against them." Good joke, but Cramer gets an annual salary of $174,000. He also has a budget of $944,671 a year for staff. The government pays 72 to 75 percent of the health insurance premiums for Cramer and his staff. This money comes from taxes.

Cramer supports raising the military budget from the 2016 budget of about $520 billion, to about $690 billion for 2018. Again, taxes will pay for this.

On offering direct payments to farmers, part of the farm bill, Cramer said "allowing farmers to operate in a free market would be "disastrous." Maybe the farm bill is great, but it comes from taxes.

Did Cramer support Betsy DeVoss for Secretary of Education? Does he support cutting funding for some after school programs and for advanced placement classes? I don't know if charter schools could work in Mohall or Stanley, but Betsy DeVoss would divert federal funds to private and charter schools. Does Kenmare benefit from that?

Rep. Cramer has been in Congress since 2012 and has voted numerous times to repeal the Affordable Care Act. But he doesn't have a plan to replace it. If he does, I would like to know the specifics.

Cramer can joke all he wants, but tax reform is a serious issue. I would just like him to tell specifically what programs he would cut and why.

The Koch brothers spent $889 million on the presidential election of 2016. I'm sure that Cramer will be rewarded with campaign support for his "I'm against taxes" stand.

Kummer lives in Fargo.

Letter originally posted on Inforum.