Kevin Cramer – Wrong for North Dakota Seniors and Middle Class

Kevin Cramer is Wrong for Seniors and the Middle Class.

Kevin Cramer would privatize Social Security and thinks drastically cutting Medicare for seniors while protecting tax breaks for millionaires and corporations that ship American jobs overseas is the right blueprint for a budget in Congress. Even in these tough economic times, Kevin Cramer’s tax plan would cut taxes for corporations and the rich, shifting more of the burden onto the middle class.

Kevin Cramer Supported Privatizing Social Security

The Bismarck Tribune reported that “Cramer called for allowing individuals to invest some Social Security money they contribute into private accounts, instead of all the money being put into the same pot.” [Bismarck Tribune, 10/31/98]

Republican candidate Kevin Cramer said he supports including privatizing Social Security as a reform option for future generations. [Fargo Forum, 8/14/12]

According to the Bismarck Tribune, Cramer supported changing Social Security from its current form. He said, “We've got to start somewhere. We've got to find a line that we draw, say 35, maybe 30, and say after that age there's a different program for you rather than putting money into a broken system.” [Bismarck Tribune, 3/14/10]

Kevin Cramer Said He Would Use the Republican Budget to Drastically Cut Medicare as a “Blueprint.”

In a March 2012 interview on the conservative Say Anything Blog, Cramer said of the controversial Republican Budget that cuts Medicare while protecting tax breaks for millionaires, “I would certainly like it as a blueprint to start with.” [Say Anything Blog, 3/29/12]

In December 2011, The Forum asked Kevin Cramer what his first pieces of legislation would be and Cramer responded, “One of the most important ones in my mind would be a flat tax of some sort.” [Fargo Forum Youtube, 12/24/11]

Kevin Cramer Said a Flat Tax Would Be His Top Priority

Kevin Cramer was Endorsed by Group Who’s Chairman Wants to Abolish Social Security and Medicare

Cramer was endorsed by FreedomWorks for America. FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey has called for the abolition of Medicare, saying, Medicare is “a program I would have no part of in a free world.” On Social Security, Armey said, “I think we’re going to have to bite the bullet on Social Security and phase it out over a period of time.” [Freedomworks, accessed 6/12/12; Chicago Tribune, 7/11/95; Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 3/09/02]

Kevin Cramer Is Out of Touch

Not only will Cramer pull the rug out from under North Dakota seniors and leave the middle class out in the cold, he also holds extreme positions that are out of step with North Dakota farmers and Agriculture.

Kevin Cramer Would Not Support Extending the Wind Energy Production Tax Credit

In an appearance in June 2012 with host Tom Becka on 101.9 TalkFM, Cramer said, “I will not support an extension of the Production Tax Credit for wind farms.” [101.9 TalkFM with Tom Becka, 6:00, 6/05/12]

Cramer was endorsed by Club for Growth which spent nearly $65,000 to elect him in 2012. In May 2012, Club for Growth told The Hill that it opposed the Senate Farm bill and would exact political retribution against members of Congress that supported the legislation. [Club for Growth, 5/17/12; The Hill, 5/29/12]


Kevin Cramer was Endorsed and Financially Supported by Group Working to Defeat the Farm Bill

Kevin Cramer Is a Flawed Candidate

Kevin Cramer is a career candidate who previously ran for Congress and lost three separate times. In 2012, he was not endorsed by the state party abd his candidacy was tainted by ethics issues.

Bismarck Tribune: Cramer’s Actions “Raises Questions” About His “Impartiality.”

In June 2011, the Bismarck Tribune Editorial Board wrote that Cramer and his PSC colleague, Brian Kalk, “should not be taking campaign contributions from officials representing companies with business before the agency. To do so raises questions about the commissioners’ impartiality when it comes to making PSC decisions, despite empathic denials from the two men.” [Bismarck Tribune, 6/29/11]

Fargo Forum: Cramer Having an “Ethical Lapse” Because of “Political Ambition.”

In May 2012, the Fargo Forum Editorial Board wrote about Cramer and his PSC colleague, Brian Kalk, “That they can’t see the problem suggests an ethical lapse that often is a consequence of political ambition.” [Fargo-Moorhead Forum, 5/31/12]

Kevin Cramer Lagged Behind Opponents in Fundraising.

Cramer was outraised by his Republican primary opponent and Democratic candidate Pam Gulleson even though she was not facing a competitive primary. Cramer received $57,000 in new contributions during the same eight-week period that his primary opponent raised $65,600. [Fargo-Moorhead Forum, 6/01/2012]